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TMJ Treatment

Without a functional jaw, you’re unable to chew, speak, or even smile comfortably. But many of us fall prey to jaw pain at one point or another, whether due to dysfunction, malocclusion, or bad habits. A jaw disorder may arise, making it even more difficult for you to feel comfortable and for your jaw to work properly. TMJ treatment helps you get back to normal and leave jaw pain behind. Dr. Siegel is highly experienced in jaw disorders and will find the treatment type that fits perfectly.

Botox for TMJ

Botox treatment relaxes facial muscles so that they don’t contract to the same degree. Patients struggling to stop clenching often grow frustrated because they can’t find a way to stop. Even if they stabilize their lower jaw with a mouth guard, their jaw muscles may still act up at night, leading to increasing pain and exhaustion. Botox goes to the source of the problem to keep those muscles relaxed.

After Botox treatment at the jaw muscles, you will still be able to use your jaw normally. But your muscles will be less active, and won’t contract subconsciously. The pain and inflammation will subside, and you’ll finally be able to get back to normal. Dr. Siegel has used Botox to treat patients’ jaw and orofacial pain, and brought them welcome relief.

Occlusal Guards

As with night guards, occlusal guards restrict jaw movement to help the jaw muscles relax. Dr. Siegel will choose a guard that fits your jaw’s structure and your clenching habits. The guard will be custom made to fit well and feel comfortable during sleep.

Balance of Occlusal Surface

Your occlusal surface is the areas of your teeth that meet when biting. This must be balanced for comfortable chewing and safe jaw movement. If your teeth are crooked, you’re more likely to clench your lower jaw and risk a jaw disorder. Placing crowns or pursuing orthodontic treatment will help improve your bite and your jaw function.

Ongoing TMJ Therapy

Changing your habits and daily activities will help you improve your likelihood of clenching and grinding, and soothe your jaw.

  • Relaxation / Meditation – Learning to consciously relax muscles and reduce physical tension
  • Limited jaw movements – Avoiding habits (like chewing gum) that continually move the jaw
  • Good posture – Holding your head, neck, and jaw in healthy positions
  • No chin resting – Avoiding placing any extra pressure on your jaw

Take steps toward a healthy, comfortable jaw today – just reach out to discuss your treatment options.

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