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Laser Periodontal Treatment

The thought of gum disease treatment can leave many patients anxious. The concept of a deep cleaning may make them a bit uncertain and nervous about their care. With laser periodontal treatment, Dr. Siegel puts patient concerns to rest. The addition of a laser improves the patient experience and heightens comfort in the dental chair.

Top Benefits of Laser Periodontal Treatment

  • Gentle treatment – A laser beam operates differently from more traditional dental tools. The laser is more narrow, more precise, and simpler to operate. Overall, treatment is gentler and more pleasant for patients.
  • Fast healing – Soft tissue lasers help create blood clots at the treatment site. This not only reduces bleeding and swelling, but helps reconnect the gums to teeth. Patients who have received laser therapy undergo a noticeably faster healing period.
  • Low discomfort – Because lasers are so precise, they only impact the target tissue. There is less damage to surrounding tissues than with standard dental tools. Lasers also manipulate tissue without creating friction, since the beam consists of light energy. This reduces heat, bleeding, and pain. There may be less local anesthesia necessary for the patient to become numb, and a more comfortable healing period afterwards.
  • Infection-fighting – Laser periodontal treatment helps eliminate bad bacteria from infected gums. This reduces the risk of recurring infection or other treatment complications.
  • Improved tissue regeneration – By treating gum disease with a laser, Dr. Siegel helps stimulate new tissue growth and reattachment. This is ideal for treating large periodontal pockets and rebuilding the gum line. Tissue reattachment also improves the bond between teeth and gums, adding stability to loose-feeling teeth.
  • Heightened precision – A periodontal laser can reach deeper into periodontal pockets without requiring physical exploration. Patients with advanced gum disease appreciate this less-invasive option.

Steps of Gum Disease Treatment

A laser won’t be the only part of your periodontal treatment. Scaling and root planing are still necessary to remove plaque, but a laser’s assistance improves the entire process. Your gum disease treatment will be unique to your own case. We will let you know more about what to expect at the outset so that there are no surprises.

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