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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Our teeth require ongoing upkeep to maintain their health and appearance. But sometimes, life gets in the way. If you wake up one day and realize you’re not loving the way your smile looks, feels, or functions, there’s hope ahead. Full mouth reconstruction combines treatments to deliver ideal rehabilitation that covers your unique needs. Don’t feel overwhelmed – just make the decision to return health and happiness to your smile.

Rebuild Damaged or Worn Teeth

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We use our teeth for so many different tasks every day. It’s no surprise that they lose structure or become chipped or cracked. If you have issues with teeth grinding, your enamel has likely worn down, with teeth looking short or yellow and feeling sensitive. This changes your entire appearance, and prematurely ages your other features. If the worn teeth are left as they are, they’re likely to suffer additional damage.

Porcelain crowns will recreate lost structure and rebuild your smile. Crowns fit atop prepared natural teeth, building them back to their former size and shape. These tooth caps are matched to your surrounding teeth in shade, and can offer aesthetic improvements alongside health-related ones.

Restore Missing Teeth

If you’ve lost teeth to periodontal disease, advanced decay, or trauma, there’s always a way to rebuild. The first step is treating the existing health concerns, and bringing your smile back to square one. Then, Dr. Siegel will identify the best restorative method for your needs, teeth, and personal preferences.

  • Dental implants – Implants connect to the jaw bone to act as restorative foundations. Any other restoration detailed on this page may be paired with implants to gain support and improved function.
  • Bridge – A bridge rests atop adjacent teeth to place a false tooth in the gap between them. For patients not interested in an implant, a fixed bridge is a simple way to replace a single missing tooth.
  • Partial – A partial denture attaches to remaining teeth by means of a wire or plastic framework. It will blend with your smile and hold replacement teeth in place.
  • Denture – Full dentures replace entire sets of missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Dentures can be used alongside dental implants for a smile that works well and looks more natural.

Heal Gums with Periodontal Treatment

Healthy gums support healthy teeth. If you’ve experienced gum disease, it’s likely that your smile has changed. You’ll also need to take certain precautions to ensure that gum disease does not return.

If you think you may have gum disease, take action today. We will treat your gums and bring them back to health. Be vigilant for symptoms of periodontal disease, and get in touch if your gums are bleeding, inflamed, tender, or receding. With the help of a soft tissue laser, Dr. Siegel reduces pockets between teeth and gums and prevents infection from progressing. Scaling and root planing remove plaque from teeth both above and below the gum line. After periodontal treatment, we’ll provide you with instructions for moving forward and living life without gum disease.

Don’t hold back from restorative dentistry out of anxiety or uncertainty. Schedule a consultation today to talk first steps and get a better understanding of what might lie ahead.

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