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Tooth Extraction

Dr. Siegel will always strive to preserve your teeth. But tooth extraction can sometimes be a beneficial tool that will improve your oral health down the road. We perform extractions in-office to simplify the process. There’s no need to find an additional provider – Dr. Siegel’s comprehensive skills and extensive training allow for the full course of treatment to be performed under one roof.

Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

The answer is different from patient to patient, and Dr. Siegel will explain exactly why extraction is recommended before starting treatment. Some of the most common reasons for extraction include:

  • Advanced decay – Cavities begin in your enamel, and progress deeper into the tooth if left untreated. If the tooth pulp becomes infected, it may be treated with a root canal. But if an abscess forms and a root canal is unlikely to heal the tooth, extraction becomes necessary. This can also occur in advanced stages of periodontal disease, when bone tissue is lost. Physical trauma can also render a tooth unstable and require extraction.
  • Creating space – Some patients hoping to receive orthodontic treatment don’t have enough room in their jaws. This means that their teeth won’t be able to spread out the way they should. Removing teeth helps create room for realignment and successful straightening.
  • Impacted teeth – Impaction occurs when a tooth erupts at a bad angle. The tooth may become embedded in the gums, or damage surrounding teeth. Extracting impacted teeth helps you avoid these complications.
  • Disease prevention – Unless there is a pressing issue, extractions are typically preventive in nature. In these cases, removing a tooth will help you retain your other teeth, and keep them healthy and strong. Wisdom tooth extraction is an example of preventive treatment – removing those third molars makes it easier for you to clean adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth also have a high likelihood of being impacted or placing pressure on nearby teeth, so they’re often best out of your mouth.

Navigating Your Tooth Extraction

We’re always here to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have. Each case is unique, and we want you to understand the best aftercare for your own teeth. If you’re nervous about the extraction, we may recommend sedation to help lower anxiety and improve your experience. Simply get in touch if you’d like to discuss treatment – whether it’s coming up or you’re moving through the healing process.

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