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Root Canal

An infected tooth has two options for treatment. Either the infected pulp needs to be removed, or the tooth will need to be extracted. Receiving a root canal will help you preserve that tooth and move forward with a healed smile. If you have dental anxiety, try not to think of your root canal as a negative entity. After your endodontic therapy, you’re going to feel better, and your tooth has a great chance at a future. If the infection were allowed to persist, you’d be facing greater pain and an extraction down the road. Root canals heal teeth and help patients.

Prevent Tooth Loss with Endodontic Treatment

Root canal therapy is similar to receiving a standard filling for a cavity. The root canal simply goes deeper into the tooth, as opposed to removing decay from its surface. When a tooth is infected, the interior pulp becomes a problem. Removing that pulp gives the patient a fresh start. The tooth is then filled and sealed to prevent future infection.

Pulp infection or inflammation stems from a variety of causes:

  • Advanced decay
  • Repeat dental procedures on a single tooth
  • Faulty crows
  • Cracked or chipped tooth
  • Internal damage from physical trauma

Leaving these issues untreated could lead to greater pain, an abscess, and the need for tooth extraction. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, visit your dentist to uncover the cause and take action.

Your Root Canal Procedure

  1. Only one appointment will be necessary. If you are treating multiple teeth, we may space them out to allow you to heal more comfortably.
  2. Local anesthesia numbs the treatment area.
  3. Dr. Siegel drills a small entry hole on the tongue-facing side of the tooth.
  4. Thin dental tools remove the tooth’s pulp and nerves.
  5. X-rays verify that the tooth is completely clean and infection-free.
  6. The tooth’s interior is gently reshaped and filled.
  7. The entry hole is sealed to protect the tooth.
  8. Once you’ve healed, a crown strengthens and stabilities the treated tooth.

Root Canal Aftercare

The area around the treated tooth will be swollen and tender after your root canal. This will fade in the first few days of healing. Treat your tooth with care and be sure to brush and floss regularly. If you’re ever uncertain about how you should care for your tooth, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our staff has answers to all your endodontic therapy-related questions: simply reach out for assistance.

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