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Modern Dentures

Once upon a time, dentures didn’t look, feel, or work at all like the natural teeth they were supposed to replace. But technology has transformed the denture landscape. Today’s modern dentures are unrecognizable from their old-fashioned counterparts. No longer ill-fitting or excessively bulky, these dentures take on daily tasks with ease. Plus, those wearing them feel confident in a way that they haven’t since tooth loss.

What Makes Modern Dentures Different

  • Organic appearance – Each tooth is set individually. This allows for the creation of natural angles and rotations of crowns. The overall set will look like real teeth and offer nuanced shapes and shading.
  • Precise, custom fit – Today’s denture labs use fitting and fabrication methods superior to ones that were once commonplace. Your dentures will fit well from the start, and can be subtly adjusted when necessary to achieve a great fit in the future.
  • Wide variety of options – New materials and colors make it possible for you and Dr. Siegel to choose from a wide range of gum and tooth shades. This allows for the creation of dentures that match your natural coloring and better mimic real teeth.
  • Improved function – The excellent fit improves chewing and speaking abilities. You’ll feel more like you have your old teeth back, and less like you’re struggling with unwieldy dentures. You won’t have to deal with clicking, slipping, sores, or other common denture problems.
  • Ongoing advancements – Dental manufacturers and researchers are continuing to find new ways to build beautiful, capable dentures. More than 45 million Americans wear partial or full dentures. New technologies and products continue to better suit their needs.

Implant-Supported Dentures

If you’re ready to take your dentures to the next level, consider adding dental implants to your restorative plan. Implants anchor dentures to your jaw, creating the most stable foundation for your dental prostheses. You can still remove your dentures when necessary, but feel certain that they’ll function properly when in place. If you’re missing most or all of your teeth, dentures plus dental implants are your best option for recreating the appearance and feel of a natural smile.

Regain comfortable, confidence, and a dazzling grin. Learn more about dentures by speaking with our staff today.

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